Company profile

    Shanghai Hangxin Real Estate Co Ltd, founded in April 1996 solely by Singapore Masingtai Shanghai Properties Pte Ltd, is mainly engaged in services and management of high-end residential communities, serviced apartments and Grade A office buildings. Sticking to an international vision focused on the Chinese real estate market while upholding the internationalization concept in development and operation of real estate projects inChina, the company is committed to making its projects withstand the test of time. The company is devoted to fully integrating business, management and service with a view to realizing well-organized and managed business operation and providing sincere services, while constantly absorbing modern scientific management ideas, concepts and tools, applying standardized market principles as well as lean, efficient and scientific organizational management structure, so as to realize all-around, multi-functional and high-level corporate management, conform to the development trend of market economy, and build a large-scale enterprise with its own brands and characteristics. 

    Shanghai Hangxin Real Estate Co Ltd is a solely-invested private enterprise owned by Singapore Masingtai Shanghai Properties Pte Ltd. The company is mainly engaged in real estate development, real estate lease, real estate management and other related businesses. Xuhui Garden, developed and run by the company, is a complex that integrates business, office and residence, including Grade A office building, fully furbished upper-class residence, serviced apartment, and other supporting infrastructure.