Hangxin Properties

    Shanghai Hangxin Properties Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of  Singapore Malayan Credit Properties Pte Ltd. established in August 2000, is a professional property management enterprise with second-level qualification, mainly specialized in running and managing mid- and high-end residential communities, top-grade intelligent office buildings and clubs both home and abroad. In Shanghai, the company has been running and managing the Xuhui Garden community, a 230,000-sqm mid- and high-end residential area, the 50,000-sqm Xuhui Garden  Building, and two complex buildings (as well as a club currently under construction) for many years, winning unanimous praise from owners, tenants and relevant authorities. The Xuhui Garden Community has been granted many national and municipal honors such as the “National Demonstration Residential Community”, “National Demonstration Building”, “Excellent Residential Community in Shanghai”, and “Excellent Building in Shanghai”, to name just a few.

    Hangxin Properties entered the property management market with a high starting point and high standards. It is devoted to creating core competitiveness in “Hangxin Properties” with ever-evolving service concepts and higher-quality services; opening up the operation chain, expanding into the property management market, extending the service range and broadening the market coverage by relying on  Malayan Credit. Abiding by the quality policy of “Sincere service, standardized management, and aggressive innovation”, Hangxin Properties and its people are fully committed to providing customer-friendly services, and sparing no efforts to convey the true meaning of the new property management concept of “Heart to heart service, zero distance management”.

    Main projects run and managed by the company in Shanghai:

    ■ Xuhui Garden Community  
    ■ Xuhui Garden Building
    ■ Shangzun Club
    ■ China Telecom, South Shanghai Bureau
    ■ Underground Garage of Xuhui Garden